clean slate clean coke plate

i decided to stop selling drugs for a bit. its not like i really needed to for survival and with the cost of gas going up, it became a zero sum gain. its ignorant- no stupid- to risk 80% for 20% profit, but when you have been floating at the same 80% for a decade, its a bit easier to justify the risk. the risk is non existent really, but the headache is real. the petty customer is real. the $40 profit before reup is real. and if i was staying at home and stacking for a reason, like college or high school all over, i’d keep doing it. but i’m just slanging to hit the club. not smart ryan mega. not smart at all. i probably would’ve kept it up if it wasn’t for the amount of time it has taken me away from the blog and the creative process. nothing trumps that. not even the thrill of cold hard cash.

but i need to find something to fill that downtime with asap. something at least as productive. i am contemplating going into the escort bodyguard business. at 6’6 and 215 pounds, i pose a pretty intimidating factor for old men who prey on their sugar babies. i could make at least 100 a night when working doing this. and since i’m not pimpin, i can go home and sleep guilt free. the cool thing is, i already know tons of whores so this is just a matter of the right negotiation and advising them of their ‘wiifm’ or whats in it for me.

i have been thinking about doing image transfers to wood. it would provide a use for these last two razors from the dozen pack i brought. it would be a way to keep creating, if if the potential for making money is slim. i would do that bob marley thing where you post his image on wood and glaze it over for a profit. bob is definitely marketable to my friends. who better to get over on then friends. when i was selling coke about 48 hours ago, i wouldn’t have sold to a real friend if they begged me. but i’ll push some shitty art on them in a second.

i could definitely get a part time job. at a department store. like macy’s. or at a restaurant. like houston’s. i’d be able to meet alot of people and i could maybe even hob knob with the important people in and around Dallas if i get employed at the right location. unfortunately, if i worked retail, i’d spend all of my paychecks on clothes simply to abuse the discount and if i worked at a restaurant, it wouldn’t be long before i got in good with the cooks for a bit of cocaine here or there. i know what cooks like. i know what they want.

i’m thinking maybe i can just hit the gym and get it in shape for the summer and then put all of my energy into becoming one of those dancing bear dick out guys you see on the small screen on your favorite porn URL. clearly you don’t need to know how to dance and it looks like as long as you have abs and a pretty cock, you’re in (i didn’t check out the cocks – i judged the girls reactions. but i could definitely review a cock without feeling a bit of an issue because i am very comfortable in my sexuality. just don’t ask me to judge it in person lol. yep i just blogged that.) it would be my honor to satisfy a group of horny bachelorettes to the sounds of Flo Rida’s Get Low night in and night out. It would be like a wet dream X nightmare come true, and for the money, I’d dance with that devil of a destiny any time.

I could have someone with some clout read my blog and say, hey fuck it that he is pretty fucking mindless and can’t use the proper word half the time. lets cut him a check and see what happens. i am sure i’d deliver but how much is the fucking check?

i think i’m going to chill on pushing drugs until the end of the month. maybe even 3-2-1 day. I always wanted to move kis and i am a long way from that. weed sells are a hassle. and i hate selling all of my prescription before i actually need a pain killer. hustling backwards is for high school dropouts. i’ll holla back when my connect from sinoloa hits me up. until then, its day shift only.





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