War in the middle east. Oil barons fear religious cults. Civil war of the people with different views on the same book, let alone the same god. Hezbollah. Al-Queda. Taliban. Brotherhood. Hamas. IRA. KFA. Economic crippling in Europe. Disarming the people. Immobilize the masses. Citizen’s united. Death to the young. Guns and butter. That’s the shit I don’t like. Pipe. Line. Mainline. Crackpipe. Savage. Welcome to the thunderdome. Splish splash. I was taking a bath salt. Salt in the wound. Blood in the flesh. Stings on the wound. Salt in the wound. Burn. Baby. Burn.

All hail the swagged out stonerz.

(Interpretation: it’s rare that I explain things, so enjoy. This rant is about current events, news I’ve digested over the last few weeks that have made an impression on me, such as the conflicts in the middle east, the latest European financial news, or guns in schools and Chicago being used to kill kids. And the bullshit government is what I don’t like – it all is the thunderdome. The world is burning. These conflicts are salt. My heart is the wound. It’s bullshit still, but maybe this helps to interpret some of my other rants and ramblings. Or maybe it just makes me look more crazy/idiotic. Thanks for reading.)


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