when i come around

time for another excursion. this time we go south of the border. may god carry me on this journey. i am all packed. i am as prepared as i am going to be. and i am ready. lets do it.

Its going to be my first time on Megabus and with the money I saved on gas, I’ll be taking my first private plane flight. I’ll be in mexico alone for the first time and I plan to come back with gifts for all my friends.

I was going to make this a romantic getaway but it looks like I’ll be kicking it with the old folks in MZT solo. I plan to tour Pacifica and get a lot of back massages as well as a lot of writing done. Wish me luck.

If I find the net, I’ll post again from the road, and maybe add a video or two. Until when, ciao.

Ryan Mega
The Suicide King



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