Internet Dating Advice for Men: The Alpha Male Hypothesis

In the realm of online dating advice for men, you will find that it all boils down to one thing – confidence. The PUAs (pick up artists) encourage their followers in their “lair” to work on techniques to build their confidence. They argue that confidence is the only thing that separates the ladies man from the lonely man. You have to be alpha. No followers or feeble men. To win over women, you must be in total control and in charge at all times, but especially in the presence of women, they argue. Why? Because bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks apparently.

Perhaps this way of thought isn’t new. I am sure the knights of the round table got more pussy than say, Quasimodo, and I bet they shared tips on wooing ladies, and I bet some beta males watched and wrote about it, as if he could do the same. If you look at my main site, I have a page dedicated to Pimpin, which in the end, isn’t any different than what these internet guys are saying, and I found that stuff online 15  or more years ago. But I remember the ideas that it ingrained in me then, and since most of my site’s viewers young minded men just out of their teens, I keep it online. They were basic tips on being a misogynist and fiscally sound – Don’t invest in girls, invest in yourself. Why take a girl who doesn’t really like you to the movies, when you can put that $20 on a gym membership and get a sure return. Do things that will help you to improve your confidence and above all, accept rejection, clamor for it, etc, etc, etc.  Keep in mind, I was a scrawny 15 year old kid, still a few years shy of a life changing growth spurt when I first found the site and printed the pages for note. Now, the only people seeking internet dating advice for men are hermits with rape tendencies and hyper-exaggerated stances against feminist culture.

This has always been the method. Build confidence. Use confidence to win girls and make friends and stop being such a loser. Keep fucking bitches and be happy. They simplify life to this formula, never quite telling what the end game is. What is the end? Do you keep fucking girls until it becomes a horrible idea for you to get naked- ala Hugh Hefner. Do you settle with the girl of your dreams right? I have no fucking idea what the purpose of all of it is anymore. Still I wonder, if I am a winner because I found that website (then GQ and and literature, etc).*



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