@ryanmega’s Toast to 2012, and outlook on 2013.

I wanted to create a list of the best memories of 2012. Overall, I’d say it was a very good year. I can’t say that I did much but turning 30 was a good point for me, despite societies lamentation, the taboo with the age 30 was a non factor. I wanted to create a list on all of 2012s highs and lows, but I don’t remember much and probably couldn’t interpret most of my rants from last years posts if I wanted to. Here’s to you 2012 and the faded memories of the year passed. You can only go forward, so let us go gracefully into a new year. Let old debts be forgotten. And carry over some PTO days. Cheers to the New Year.

What’s in store for 2013? Well I’m pimping my blog. More on that when it becomes official. And I plan to do a lot more real writing, essays, reviews, as opposed to just blurbs and rants- like this post lol. If I have a mind in this brain, and I can produce one original idea, I’ll be sure to share it. We need subscribers this year family, so tell a friend. I’m going to get more active in the stories that I make on this blog. The fiction will still be here of course, but I think it will be nice to show a bit of real life interaction, so you people can better understand where I am coming from with my points. Humanize me dammit.

I wanted to be a great person for a long time. I’m talking MLK, Gandhi great. I figured, if I tried my hand at everything once or twice, I’d unlock a hidden talent of wealth or knowledge that the world would need, even depend on. What I have become as a result is a jack of all trades and a master of none. So what I realized in 2012 that great is as great does. You can’t dream it, you have to be it, and you can’t be it until you master it. If you want to date a great woman, you have to master the art of seduction and selection. If you want to be a great painter, you’re going to need a mentor. You don’t get lucky with greatness. You cultivate it. Now, I don’t know how to cultivate greatness exaclty, but I know what I am good at, and now, I am happily resigned to take these good skills into great ones. I’ve got enough good talents to settle for now. No need to learn any new tricks until I master a few old ones. Come with me on this journey, because I’ll need your support.

Where are we going? What do I expect to discover? Who knows? But at the end, we’ll be great at it.
Great at what?
The things I am good at of course. And that’s where we start our real conversation and resolution making. Now we’re talking 2013!

What am I good at? Well people say I am a decent writer and rapper. Good even. Gotta put more time into these hobbies. I hear I am good at talking to girls and having sex. Definitely got to do this more. It would seem that I am pretty good at throwing and organizing parties. Definitely gonna start doing that again. Maybe I’ll pick up the harmonica and take lessons to become great instead of just good. I am definitely going to take a painting and photography class. I am so close to good there, i can see myself making a small investment there to ensure greatness. The stuff that I suck at – relationships, staying sober and healthy, financial smarts, being nice and sweet, etc. – not going to waste any time trying to discipline this stuff, or get better at it. Such a  waste of time. I could become great at dating girls instead of working on being good at relationships, ya mean? Why shoot three pointers when I’m in my last years of slam dunking? By the end of the year, I need to be great or damn near close to greatness at something. This mediocrity is for the birds.



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