One day a white farmer came to his black sharecropper and said “I can’t pay you for the crops until they come back from the auction. I know that leaves you a little lost in the wind, but I am in just as deep a trench as you. Once they see them, they will bid, and I will make sure I get you a nice price for them. However I will humbly ask your favor and insist that you also pay for the transport of the goods now.” The black sharecropper’s heart sank. He needed the money in his pocket for bread for the week and now, his family would have to go without. But if he wanted to have money next week, he had no choice, so he gave his two quarters away and went back to toiling the field he didn’t quite own.

The next week, the white farmer did the same thing. And the week after that, until one day he came and said “I really need your help bad to keep this farm going. I need to take your earning this week. You see there are taxes that are due soon and I didn’t write it in my journal and well you understand. For this righteous favor, I’ll pay you twice as much for your earning next week. And don’t worry about bread. I have enough of that stored for months.” The black sharecropper couldn’t say no. If the farmer didn’t pay and lost the farm, who knows what would happen to the black sharecropper and his family, he thought. He told the farmer he’d have his answer by sunset tomorrow as he intended to pray on it  at church.

The next day, a Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy like character from the movie Life came to town. He was just visiting but happened to run into the sharecropper after the church service. During the service, the reverend asked the church to pray for the black sharecropper, so the Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence like character knew about the situation. After the service, he invited the black sharecropper for a drink. After they warmed to each other, the character asked ” Why don’t you buy the farm?”

The black sharecropper tried his best to wrap his brain around the concept, but couldn’t fathom how he could ever buy the farm.  He surely couldn’t afford a farm if the white farmer couldn’t afford a farm he thought. If he did buy it, he’d have to go the auctions and he’d be responsible for selling his harvest, and that was too much to take in if he was going to toil his own land still. And who would buy grain from a black sharecropper? He fathomed he’d have to give it away. The thought alone was enough to help in his decision. He bid goodbye to his new pal and went back to the farm to tell the white farmer that he would give up his earning for the week.



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