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For other uses, see Boycott (disambiguation).

A boycott is a form of consumer activism involving the act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with someone or some other organization as an expression of protest, usually of political reasons.

I am a reformed hater. As a teen, I would criticize any and everything. I always saw the glass as being half full. I considered myself a realist. Then came a period of existential behavior followed by a deep dipping into nihilist practices (slacking, skipping class, smoking and drinking at 9:13 am daily) that came to a halt only when I hit rock bottom. Since that period in my life, I have been an extreme optimist, and I always give people a second chance or the benefit of the doubt. I try to forgive because thats what the lord above and the spirit within had done for me when I was struggling for peace.

That said, some people don’t deserve any respect, love, or sincerity from me. I have never been bullheaded about any decision, so when I decide to act negatively, its not because I am emotional and its not as a result of some internal strife that I can’t manage. No, usually its a conscious, well thought out, and informed decision based on logic or principal. So when I decide to put a muthafucka on my boycott list its for good, no great reason.

Without further explanation, I present the BoYCott List! Fuck each and every body listed, there mama, and their mama’s mama. If you like them or know them and ain’t boycotting them as well, then fuck you too.

1. City of Plano, Plano, Texas.

Fuck Plano

I moved to Plano a few months after I relocated to Texas. I loved everything I had heard about North Texas, and the proximity to my mother in Austin was the primary reason I chose DFW area. To be near my office, I chose Plano. McKinney and Frisco were too far or too unsettled for a city boy to feel convenience when relaxing or enjoying my ecosystem. Plano had delivered on what they wanted to be years before. I even recall seeing a dateline or 60 minutes special on the town back in the 90s. I chose my apartment via the web, never touching foot in the city until the day before i began work in the new office.

My office is 3 miles north of my apartment. I made it to work in 10 or 15 minutes tops. Drives home were quicker with no lights or traffic to slow my roll. I admit it is a great stretch of road to have fun with, but I had a 97 Jeep so speeding wasn’t ideal.

I got my first speeding ticket returning from Dallas, and not going to or back from work. I admit that I was speeding. I was trying to pass a few slow motorist, blame the city slicker in me. So I paid the fine, and passed a defensive driving class to clear the ticket. From that day forward, I never made it two weeks without being questioned by Plano police. My Jeep carried Tennessee registration, and I decided to keep it until I knew that my move to Texas was not temporary. I kept my Tennessee I.D, but transferred into a Texas license per state requirement. Cars can be registered anywhere. If Jay Leno brings his fleet to New York for a car show and decides to drive one, is that illegal. No. And Texas gives you 30 days for a license, so that really would be harassment if someone is cited for registration within 30 days of moving here. My first ticket was October 27th 2008. Speeding, doing 45 in a 35. I was on the toll way front street. Shouldn’t the limit be a bit higher here? Shouldn’t officers use a bit more temperance?

The next few times when I was stopped and questioned, it occured at night. I drove south on Preston Road and was followed by a female officer that I will not name (for now). I was in the left turning lane, and she two lanes over in the right turning lane. As we both waited at the stop sign, she was staring directly into my car. I had my window slightly cracked, and I had light tint so it was easy to see me. She waited until I turned and then moved three lanes over to pursue me. I stopped in my complex a few buildings away from my unit. She told me that i turned without using a signal. I asked her was it really necessary to use a signal at 1:00 am when there is nobody around but me and you. She changed her plea to something about my tags not matching up in the system. Bullshit. I threw my registration at her. I was sitting in my car tired as hell after 10 hours of work at the office. All i wanted was a shower and sleep. I got pissed. She came back after about 5 minutes and tried to interrogate me as if I were some suspect. It didn’t matter where I worked. It didn’t matter where I was coming from. It didn’t matter where I was going. Its not illegal to drive sober at 1:00 in most places I know in the USA. I didn’t get a ticket, but I did tell her that I hope that she dies in action that night.

I was pulled over a total of 18 times in a 4 month period. I decided to take different routes yet still because of the hours I put in at the office, I would make it home no earlier than Midnight. In a settled suburb like Plano, the city is pristine and the roads are all pretty logically construed. The common denominator was always a stop sign or a stop light visual, some bogus accusation, and then a change to the registration question. I had taken the time to request a addendum to my registration so I was protected by law to keep my Tennessee license plates for at least 8 months by the time the harassment began. I never understood what part of the game they thought I was doing.

Click Both Images for more about the Richese City in AmericaClick Both Images for more about the Richese City in America

Once, the officer saw me get a beer at QuikTrip. It was late Saturday so the streets weren’t empty at all. But Saturdays in Plano are lily white. High school kids come out to spend the families dividend return. I was just about to get into the left lane to turn when he turned on his sirens. This time I slid my car into a department store lobby. The charge? Driving with no front license plate. I advised him that with my insurance in the glove compartment was a model and workshop book about my cars construction. My model didn’t have a front plate holder. So he did the flip. No ticket, just a warning that I need to get a Texas license plate. I reminded him that a Collin County judge verified my registration as legit indefinitely. He moseyed on.

There have even been black cops who have pulled me over. One time I was with a friend, we’ll just call him Matt Meadow, and we were going to a bar to try to catch some girls. I gave him a tab and told him to drive the car if they don’t let him in. He was only 20. The time was about 12:45, but it was a Friday, so that’s early. The street was empty. This street was not a highway like the other. Across the street, over a parkway, a cop flashed pass up doing about 50. I told Matt that we would be pulled over, no matter what we do. Sure enough as I finished my statement, the cop u turns at the cross way. I am really fucking livid but trying to joke about it still to calm my nerves. I needed some pussy and this faggot ass cop was going to make me late. I had my hands at 10 and 2, just like I’d learned in high school. My tachometer was lower than it needed to be for safety. I told Matt these things as I processed them. I dared him to doubt that we would be stopped inevitably. A few streets pass by us, the officer is directly behind us. He is actually stuttering his car into the back of my bumper and pulling off a bit. That pisses me off because if I were to panic or if i were under the influence of drugs then the three of us and maybe more might have perished. I am really trying to focus on the road, but I shoot a look into my rear view mirror to see why the patrol was so aggressive. I notice hes black then. I don’t even overreact anymore I am settled by the notion that he is black. I know one of two things, either a black cop is overcompensating or feels inadequate in his line of duty, because he himself knows he is not equal. Plus, my mind was on women, and I didn’t want this asshole ruining my mood. Party doesn’t start til I get there anyway.

I pull into the right hand lane, blinker on. Matt is cracking the fuck up as I narrate the moment. I brake and turn. As soon as I turn he hits his lights. I pull over into the lot adjoining the bar. He states that he pulled me over for making a wide right hand turn.

Jim Crow flyer in Oklahoma, 2007.Jim Crow flyer in Oklahoma, 2007.

I couldn’t believe the audacity of his allegation. He somehow had the nerve to actually try to use the box on the ticket that never gets punched in. By now it was 1:00 am and there wouldn’t be a car moving around us for at least two minutes, except for the patrons at the bar. He then changed the story to the registration. He called in a back up car and the two of them discussed the authentication of my registration. They really believed I made the stickers myself or something. After it was all said and done, I lost 40 minutes of my life and what little sanity I had remaining. He gave me a ticket for the right hand turn and told me to have a good day, even threatened me with spending a night in jail. I told him that he can kiss my ass for wasting the time and then giving me a bogus ticket. I told him how i narrated his actions, leading into the inevitable and was clear headed tonight, so unfortunately, he would not be winning this one. I represented myself in court and won. It was easy because he didn’t show up. I did want to apologize to him a bit at court. The night of the incident I went into a 5 minute tirade about how much of a faggot and cock blocker he was and how it probably started in high school. I gave him the obligatory curse of death and insulted his butt buddy partner for showing up late to the party because he was eating donuts of a dildo. Matt sat back quietly laughing his ass off. I guess the hydro set in. He was in no shape for more beer. I dropped him off and went home.

I had been pulled over and not ticketed 10 times and only twice had I been judged guilty to the charge, both speeding. The time I waste and the moments when I was stopped were all inconvenient. There was one incident when I was going through some car troubles. My car’s engine was fine and so was the transmission. The body suffered damage because I was searched in Oklahoma by idiot officers. I was driving north to visit a sick relative and an old friend from high school. I was stopped about two counties south of my destination. I argued to the police that I was pretty much a resident and that’s why I’m here. They argued that if I had a NY Yankees ball cap, a Texas license, and a Tennessee car that something didn’t add up. The officer advised me that I needed to step out of the vehicle. I told him that I have never known anyone to step out of the vehicle for a routine traffic stop. He tried to explain that he was part of some interstate bureau designed to stop traffic of drugs. I flipped. I had to piss, and he was trying to question me about drugs. What the fuck. I flipped again when he told me that he was going to search my car simply because I told him no he couldn’t. Kiss my ass, you asked me out of the car. Oklahoma had turned Jim Crow.
Two and half hours later, with my bumper detached slightly and my interior door and dash still off set, I got back in my car. They held me so long on the Oklahoma heat that one of their cruisers overheated and they needed a toe truck to recover it. I spent the time rapping to myself as I have been known to due, and throwing a black power fist to passing motorists. When my keys and license were returned, he asked me why I hadn’t told him about the car overheating. Seriously. The old jeeps had a lot of flair and rubber skirts. I had an interior that never made it back. Even my hatch didn’t open. The Jeep wasn’t a jeep anymore. They took the spirit of the car. Them dirty red dogs raped her.

The last time I was pulled over was the worst. Again I had some body issues that I was working out and my car door actually flung open as I made a turn into QuikTrip. A cruiser came from across the street and followed me into the station and blocked me in with a offensive driving technique I’d watched on Discovery channel, meaning I discovered how to escape that bullshit. But I am not James Bond, so I have no reason for escape. She ran up to my door and drew her gun from her holster. She was screaming “let me see your hands, let me see your hands.” I was panicking because my hand was actually stuck in my glovebox because I was trying to get my ID. Stupid move. When I screamed back at her it seems to calm her down. She was a small Mexicana cop. At least they hired enough to make quota. Gotta love Plano. I showed my hand quickly and continued to scream at her to put the fucking gun down. She is now sticking a gun at me and I still don’t what I did. The clerks in the store carried on. They had seen my car being pulled over once before so this wasn’t anything to stop business for. I stopped there everyday so they know my car and my ID better than anybody. She thinks that I threw something out the window because my door flung open. I told her that she is fucking crazy and that she can call her Sargent right now because that’s bullshit and I’m not talking to her anymore. A week ago, my stop happened to be when the corrosion on door lock first happened and the door was jammed. A officer asked me to step out of my car and it took two minutes to pry it open. He said I couldn’t step out of the passenger side like 4 times as he shook my door vigorously. I asked him to stop and he asked me to get it fixed for next time. Yep. He seriously said that. He tried to give me a ticket for registration but I told him to call the Sargent for more help. It was clarified and I was on my way. I didn’t have the funds to put it in the shop yet. I finally got the money the night of the incident when I was paid. But I didn’t carry cash, so don’t be fooled. The Mexicana officer was a bit aloof to what to do until back up came and took over. They tried to play good cop, bad cop but I told them I am not coming out or talking to anybody but the Sargent. I knew that meant that he might have to wake up. I locked my doors. Childish? Henry Louis Gates ain’t got shit on me. But what are you supposed to do in a system designed to keep you powerless and second guessing what faith you have in law and order.

The Sargent was very direct and advised me that he would try to give notice to the people he knew, but it was my responsibility to get a rear tail light bulb, and a front license plate holder installed on my bumper. It was my responsibility to drive before midnight and leave the streets to them, and make right hand turns that hug the curb at 2:00 am on deserted streets. He can’t stop people from pulling me over. I gave up. I knew I couldn’t win here. I asked them to do me a favor and give the DWB a moratorium for the rest of the evening. Two days later I bought a new car with Texas license plates. I was two months into a 12 month lease and newly promoted. There was no way I was leaving anytime soon. I decided to go new instead of spending senseless thousands into the upkeep of a car that is now a teenager. I didn’t want to, but I had to.

Before I left Plano, I was pulled over a final time. It was for speeding. He didn’t stop me until after I stopped at the stop sign and turned right at the block. Speeders usually get the cherries early. I didn’t even waste my time insulting him. I got my ticket and left disappointed in the system. It seems that I would never have peace in Plano. I drastically cut back on my spending when I purchased my new car. Besides my stops into QuikTrip (my loyalty = my mom worked there; my loss= 4.50 on beer and such), I didn’t consume or do anything in Plano. No restaurants. Joe’s Pasta in Frisco had opened so I abused them. I went to Popeyes alot because it was just south of Collin County and Plano and just inside Dallas. If i didn’t have to pay for gas or beer at QT, I would say I spent less than $42 dollars in the city for the rest of the year. When I went to places to eat locally it was usually because I came up on a free coupon.

This year I moved, just south of Plano. I can see it from my window. But I won’t spend a dime, not even for a dime, in Plano ever again. I probably made 75 thousand in the year and so since I lived in Plano. I got nothing to show for it, so I know that I pissed away 20 or so in the city whether on rent or expenses. I probably spent more if you count taxes and fees that the government collects for me and from me and redistribute to the state. Hell my two guilty cost me 450.00. So the boycott is business and personal. I still feel that Plano can be a progressive city in the area. It has a lot of untapped potential but has solid foundations. Sticking with this Boycott shall have no reprieve on the friendships that I have made in that town. Other then them, fuck Plano. May my dollars be the first to deficit the city into a budget crises.


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