on consensual sex with a teenage boy

These guys make some very great points about all of the fucking sex scandals that happen over and over. 9 times out of 10, if the kid is a guy and he is 13 and up, he definitely consents. I’m not condoning the behavior of course, but the video does give a lot of reason to the seemingly more frequent occurrences of teen/adult teacher sex. Of course, when its the other way around and its a 13 year old girl, its usually because the 30 year old guy took advantage. i like the point they make at the end about the biology behind the attraction of seemingly fuckable teacher chicks getting down with 16 year old fuck bandits.
This story is awesome because

1. this kid is a foreigner. he either is the epitome of american badass or he is why the rest of the world is leaving us behind. he approached a married woman he lived with, not a single teacher staying late after class.

2. he has mastered the direct approach. more of that here.

3. the 007 agent husband using the GPS to track that pussy is awesome and surprisingly feminine.. if you have heard of a husband tracking a wife via GPS, send me a link because it seems this is a new phenom for me. the closest i can think is the guys on that show cheaters.

4. the anchors drop some deep points, as mentioned, about genetic attraction lying at the root of the rise in these occurrences.

do you think he is chinese? what about mexican? i bet he is french. oversexed and bold enough to make that move without any fear of losing an ally, yep, definitely a frenchie.


Ryan Mega


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