5 Minute Free Rant

I have 5 minutes to say something. I don’t know what I want to express. There are a lot of thoughts on my mind. I want to say something about them but I don’t think its worth the debate. But here we go:

twinkie is going under. i’m skinny so i don’t really care, but it was bad news to hear first thing in the am.

getting dressed everyday for work is hard.

bill o’reilly said obama’s re election was the end of the white establishment as we know it, or something to that effect (first, lets note that only racists use the pairing of those two words together). i woke this morning to some girls sob story on the today show. if you google tragic story, you see stories about little white girls with blonde hair. i’m not even arguing why this is an issue, i’m just making an observation. message to oreilly, the end of the white establishment is when we stop putting little blonde girls on a pedestal for no reason at all. that or like 5 black presidents in a row.

i feel bad for midland.  but i am deeply concerned with gaza.
i had to make something for my office pot luck. this might be the last time i make anything. from now on, i’ll be the soda guy. three 2 liters. have a good day.

i wish parks and recreations or new girl or any show that i watch religiously came on daily.


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