Did You Know: Cabrini-Green Apartments

the story of cabrini green as told by ryan mega;

Cabrini Green was a housing project with 3500 units that was recently demolished to rebuild and re-gentrify the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago that it encompassed. It is named for Frances Cabrini ( a nun) and William Green (a Roosevelt, New Deal era congress guy). The projects are famous because a couple of cops were sniped down in the courtyard, the Gangster Disciples who live there were known for shooting guns off every new years eve, starting a tradition that is now practiced in projects all over America, and the images that open the credits to Good Times (who didn’t want to see Thelma’s room?). There were a few kids hit with stray bullets and a few people fell/were flown off the sky scraping rooftops. Now its dead. By 2011 all buildings were demolished to make room for mixed style housing (homes, lots, shopping, and apartments, with retail/commercial space. The new neighborhood fits with the luster of the neighboring Lincoln Park and Gold Coast neighborhoods, a goal of ”certain” Chicagoans in power since the 1980’s when they killed Harold Washington, because they were never too happy letting the darkies from the lower south side take residence on the near north side to begin with.

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