My Guy Crush: John Taffer

He’s big. He’s ugly. But god darn it, people like him. His name is John Taffer. He has transformed hundreds of failing bars worldwide, over the past 36 years say the intro to his Spike TV Network show Bar Rescue. John is really smart and he has yet to say an idiotic thing in the two seasons I’ve watched thus far. He has run successful bars and knows how to get shit done. I often use his phrase about excuses in my life to stay motivated (“I don’t embrace excuses, I embrace solutions”.) I’m not sure if he works for you, but I’m thinking of putting his show on audio for my workouts this fall.

I am not sure when his show airs, and if I were a better journalist, I’d share that. I’m not sure if I understand how his show is produced, and if I did, I’d probably not be a huge fan. But you can figure the rest on your own. John Taffer, guy crush October, 17.


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