Top 10 Reasons People Think I’m A Player

The following words have been volleyed my way this year. These words followed or prefaced the phrase, “you think you a player” or something trivial and synonymous.

1. “You use people”.

2. “kiss the girls and make them cry. kissing is too intimate. stop kissing so good.”

3. “you are having sex with these girls way too soon. no wonder they get hooked. and you are always nice to them.”

4. “you don’t pay for it. and you don’t say i love you. but i know your game. you smooth talk women. you like to get them drunk.”

5. “girls are attracted to you. they see that you are expressive and emotional. so they expect drama. and what easier drama in a relationship than trust issues.”

6. “because you down there in Dallas. I know you got girls all over the place down there.”

7. “you could have as many girl friends as you want. You’re interesting. You have a distinct personality.”

8. “you never have a girlfriend. I mean, maybe you do but you only bring around a girl for two weeks and then its on to the next one.”

9. “so you hang with a bunch of them, but you not one.”

10. “its not even your fault. you’ve just misguided by love. you think its romantic to flirt with different vaginas.”

I really wanted to post the quote authors. Hey friends, word hurt. I think I have a chip on my shoulder about this now. There is only one way to prove them all wrong once and for all.





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