life is…#2

Life is a knock at the door from a friend. A party waiting on the inside.

Life is a panda party.

Life is a talk about riding bikes. Life is preparation.

Life is Da Bears. Go Bears. Go. ChicaGo.

Life is a cool September morning after 100 steaming nights in a row.

Life is a hidden pack of cigarettes. No thank you.

Life is a sleep over with your bestie.

Life is MDMA lines off a hookers tit in a Vegas nightclub called The Diamond.

Life is a pretty yellow bone with freckles. Or an Eritrian named emebet. Or a chinese girl with a hello kitty smile.

Life is dangerously deceptive. When your life is perfect your yin will be a starving kid in Africa. Never forget.

Life is swimming in circles until you learn to open your eyes (or buy goggles).

Life is bad budgeting and overspending all the while still hoping to die and one day go to that big mortgage in the sky.

Life is unwanted love letters and all types of other Fermina Dazi shit.

Life is a murder of crows. A crowdsurfer macabre.

Life is what you make it. So make it.

by Ryan Mega


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