life is… #1

(This is a new series designed to push more posts, akin to my previous Daily Runs. Stay tuned for more.)

Life is too short to worry about other peoples feelings and opinions.

Life is blessed. Through twitter, I learned that a young fly chick passed before her prime. Because I am removed from the situation, I can look at it like an outsider, and reflect from that POV.

Life is grand. I love the situation I am in because it brings the best out of me. Pressure = busting pipes or making diamonds.

Life is golden. My life is back in shine mold. I feel good and look good.

Life is a bitch. Because too many bitches I have let into my life remain. If only I could rewind to June 2011 (or June 1982, word!)

Life is lonely. You can get the best pussy ever but a pussy ain’t a partner or a soul mate. I’m learning- I fuck vagina, but women are made to love. Act accordingly (and hopefully I won’t be lonely long)

Life is busy. I am still behind on my goals (per Tim Ferris). Shit.

Life is love. I love.

Life is peace. I am at peace (because I’m drunk right now).

by Ryan Mega


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