Misogynist Movie of the Moment: Switch

The Switch – 1991 – Starring Ellin Barkin and Jimmy Smits



The movie starts out with a guy going to purgatory for being rotten to women. All the women he has dated hate him. He gets murdered by three women who we can assume hate him the most and it is then, after being drowned and shot to death that he levitates in purgatory. As a test he must return to earth to capture the heart of one woman who truly loves him. But at the last minute, the devil comes along and changes the protaganist into a woman, fine as Ellin Barkin* to be exact. With this little twist, our hero is left to find the heart of a woman AS a woman if he/she wants into the pearly, golden gates.

So Ellin Barkin must navigate the world as Steven Brooks with tits and enlists the assistance of his murderer to help him on his mission. Shenanigans ensue.

This movie deals with death and voodoo and crystal balls. And that is always cool when you are up late watching alone.

Best line: When the murderer and Ms. Brooks leave a boutique, a concerned citizen approaches her and asks “Do you know many poor animals they had to kill to get that coat?” The murderer replies “Do you know how many rich animals I had to fuck to get this coat?”. Well. Damn.

This movie is worth watching if only because the plot is a sour anecdote for the life of a player. Truly, why would a chronic misogynist be allowed into heaven? Get to know Ms. Steve Brooks and decide his fate for yourself. What would you do to his soul?

*Editor’s note: Ellen Barkin is a an average 7 who carries herself like the pussy is a 10. This is why she is fine ass Ellin Barkin.


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