let if flow

When its all over, who is to blame? Its always my fucking fault. Its always my fucking fault.

Its my fault you have bad sex and its my fault for talking about it. Its my fault for trying to communicate that we have issues that need work.

Its my fault you don’t want to get more intimate and since there is no sexual facet to our relationship, you assume I am having sex with many other people.

Its my fault that I ignored you for half a year, even though you said you hated me and to never talk to you again.

Its my fault you decided to have a bulimia problem and refuse to accept that it drives people away because it engulfs every part of who you are.

Its my fault you slept with your ex. Its my fault you turned me away and I never chased you. Its my fault your friends in Austin make you feel better because I make you feel down.

Its my fault. I get it. I know who is to blame. Shame on me.


One thought on “let if flow

  1. You’re better than all this bullshit you put yourself through. When the right one comes you’ll know it, and it won’t be this hard. You def won’t have to chase her b/c she won’t leave…no matter how rough it gets:)

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