alexandra called alex, number one

She was doing it again. She always does this. She gets too drunk and too high and then begins to flirt and grab at my dick. The first few times, I was too happy to notice that she was teasing me. Now, no matter how I tried to fight it, I still let her stroke my dick whenever she wanted.

“If only you didn’t fuck Mariah. That’s my friend. I can’t even do her like that.”

“I fucked her because you said you wasn’t trying to fuck with me. Its always the same excuse with you.”

“Because its the truth. She dirty. I wouldn’t dare have sex with the same guy she did. Sorry.” Alex was more right than wrong.

I pulled my dick away from her hand and buckled up. “Well, I guess that’s good to know.” Once again, she won. I couldn’t contain my libido whenever she had my dick in her hands and she knew she wasn’t going to give me any pussy anyway.

“Why you put him away. I wasn’t done stroking him. Let me see that big dick. I want to hold it.” I could have resisted but there was no other place I wanted to be, so I obliged. And so it was on many other’s nights during that semester.

I was barely making it through class. The semester ended with my literature teacher advising me to change majors if I didn’t want to keep up with the material. I didn’t regurgitate enough e.e. cummings for his approval. Just a year before, I sat in my room learning to play the harmonica as I read through my first experiences with writers like Charles Bukowski and William Williams. I probably read one book during my second year. Alex brought the party out of me.

I was never the nerdy, bookish type, but I remember the first night that I relaxed and let loose. I smoked weed before but didn’t do it regularly and before this night, I hadn’t done it in years.

“Take one hit. It won’t kill you.” The apartment was full of smoke. Everyone else in our crowd of coeds was participating in the blunt session except me. “You of all people need to relax more. All you do is walk around mad at the world. Relax.”

“I just don’t want to be sleep in 30 minutes. I just got dressed. Ya’ll always take the whole night to hit the club anyway so fuck it, I’ll do it this time.” I inhaled deep and passed it back to her.

“Naw, here, take another one.” She peered into my eyes and begged me to continue, so I obliged. After a few more hits, the room began to spin and when I stepped outside for air, she followed.

“Hey, how you feeling?”, she asked staring into my eyes. She was nearly a foot shorter than me. “You gone quit on me already Ryan?”

“Naw I’m good. Its just hot as shit in there.” I was actually pondering going to bed at that exact moment. She knew me too well.

“Cool. I got something. I couldn’t tell you in there though because I don’t have enough for everybody. Take this with me.” She handed me a white pill and swallowed the other from her palm.

What is it I thought? But I didn’t ask. At worst it could have been ecstasy, but I am sure it was a pain pill. After a few minutes back inside, I could feel my extremities loosen and my legs went numb. I wanted to tell everyone, but Alex and I just smiled at each other, knowing.

As promised we made our way to the local club. The same kids we saw at school were at the bar. It was a very small town. I usually stood in the corner when I went out and so it was that night. Alex spent the night with a few other people from the crowd, mingling with this pretty girl on the school’s basketball team. No sooner had we entered before we left and dispersed throughout the campus. Alex followed me to my room.

“Do you think I’m pretty? I mean not you personally, but like do people in general.” She asked these sorts of questions as if I would give her anything but the answer she wanted to hear. “This girl came on to me tonight and I didn’t know what to do. Tony said take it as a compliment. I guess so right?”

“I wouldn’t be upset with it,” I replied. I didn’t have much more to say about it.

“I think its time for me to get a boyfriend because I can’t fight them off. I’m tired of all these people trying to get in my pants. I just need one nigga who ain’t trifling and I’m good with that. Why did you have to fuck Mariah?”

“Awww, don’t even go there and bring that shit up. You know damn well I wanted to be with you.” I climbed into my bunk upset. “I’m tired as shit. You gonna chill here or go to your room?”

“Boy. I’m here ain’t I.” She lay in my bed and chilled a bit longer. Then she began to stroke my dick, on cue, as we talked about all that we wanted from life and a husband or a wife and what people on campus we wouldn’t didn’t like, until she fell asleep on my chest.

In the morning, I woke to find her long gone. By the time we met again that night, she had a new boyfriend.


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