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As promised, here are the finalized goal sets for the next 6 months. As stated in the previous post, this goal set and the steps to accomplish these goals are inspired by the post at Tim Ferriss’s site. I am always making goals, and I usually do not have any trouble achieving them, when I am able to focus. In my experience, I have always set many goals, some lofty and some easily attainable, because they always seemed attainable with the least amount of effort or chaos, if you can understand what I mean. But I want to try something grand, and it was with the inspiration of Tim Ferriss, that I sought to accomplish bigger goals than say, bringing my lunch to work everyday instead of eating out for lunch and dinner. Not that this goal doesn’t matter, it’s just one of those things that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.
Link to the article:




1. T-shirt store on site – I know a lot of dope as designers and artists and the only thing I love more than t-shirts are hoodies. But hoodies don’t look good with designs and drawings, most times. The T-Shirt thing is a long overdue idea that I have had since I was in college and its not really and expensive investment as much as it is a commitment to time I thought I didn’t have.

2. Bar tastings – I have this website that has been dormant for 3 years. It was just billed to my credit card again. I will be developing a plan to earn my money back and some. I am not sure if I have any idea what to expect when I get there, but I think this site will have the most potential to earn for me, if I were to ever take this waste of cyber space for a real source of income.

3. 10 lbs of muscle – 2 years ago, I was still floating around 200 lbs soaking wet. My brother moved in and after a summer of weight training, I have been a comfortable and solid 208 pounds or more, depending on the amount of beer in me. I want to lose the beer weight and replace it with 10 lbs of muscle.

4. 100 subscribers to this blog – because I average more than 1000 visitors per month, but no one subscribes 😦 and I don’t care about stats, but again, if I am going to take myself seriously, I have to make this site appear more serious.

5. automated, paperless lifestyle – i hate bills and checking the mail box. and many of my bills are flat rate any fucking way, so why not. its just a thing that i haven’t done because i am lazy. well, if i can take 3 hours to make this happen, then i can be as lazy as I want.


1. a better mixer / blender on the turntables – i have some pretty decent direct drive tts and some good needles and all i need to do is take the time, a few hours each night and work on my craft. as it stands, I don’t take time for anything but the bar and work. priorities must change, but i know the rewards will be tenfold. I should add my harmonica goals in here too.

2. a conversational speaker of spanish – i was at work and blanked out when i had to read spanish words on an account review. while i can manage to control and express myself on the most novice of levels, I am not able to interpret, read, or comprehend spanish as fast as I would like to. this is the goal.

3. a better salsa danca – because thats why we all learn spanish anyway. to salsa dance with latin women.

4. a better writer – perhaps this comes with being  a better listener.

5. a non smoker – one pack of cigarettes is a pack too much. one cigarette is a day lost.



1. Go to Mazatlan – the only question is who am i going with?

2. find a smart and gorgeous girlfriend – see above 🙂

3. sell or  publish a short story – if i am going to get subscribers and become a better writer, there has to be another way to mark an accomplishment.

4. clear all debt, including auto loan – baby shit now. student loan debt next year lol.

5. get SwaggedOutStonerz to SXSW 13 – not really sure where to begin, but this gives me something to do and a way to waste skype minutes calling people on tuesdays when i am off and the rest of the world is making day 2 money.


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