setting goals the Tim Ferriss way

Yesterday, I did a 6 month goal plan with all the things I want to have, do, or be listed in ink. I come from a history of making SMART goals, but SMART has always been a better method and approach when you are already on track or desire something less groundbreaking, less life changing. While SMART is a great approach, the best way to get to any destination is a straight line. Tim Ferriss’s approach works because his is more direct and objective.

For example, I really want to HAVE 10 lbs of muscle added on in 6 months. I can make this into a specific measurable attainable realistic and timely goal or I can just do it. This is why I like Tim Ferriss’s approach. Just do it. All that planning and tracking of progress is for the birds. The only plan needed is – what to do now, what to do tomorrow, and what to do the day after. If you can’t set the path right, you’re never going to achieve the goal, no matter how SMART you plan it.

So the essence of the Ferriss plan is this. Make a 6 month plan. Now in the next 6 months, what do you want do or accomplish? Now ask what do you want to have or own? And last but not least, 6 months from now, what changes will you make to your lifestyle or where you want to be?

Here’s the link to the chart for now. I’ll upload my 15 (5 goals X 3 categories) goals once I finalize them as both SMART and desired! For now, use the link to make your own success plan. Let’s journey together starting September 1st.


Inspired by this post on Tim Ferriss’ website :


One thought on “setting goals the Tim Ferriss way

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