day 1

who knows where it goes from here. all i know is i have three bags on me and i am not sure what i am supposed to do with any of them. what kind of bags do i want? this is the question that i ask myself. i repeat it. what kind of bags do i want? before i realize i do not want any bags. my boy al hit it right on the head today. you dribble out the clock and make as much money as you can, cuz the second you get hired, its only a matter of time before you get fired (or resign, or quit, or if you are lucky and stupid, retire). get it while you can get it. so i am here on day one of a new beginning and the last monday at another. i am writing this as i heat up chinese food at 11:30 at night. dinner. i guess i’m still lost. but i’m looking at this tim ferriss list i made and i’m trying to form a plan if only to entertain myself. nothing major. just a plan to get a foot on my modest dreams while i still can. had a convo with a weed dealer. told him what i did and what i was doing. he told me get that money uap how i get it. i wrote this because i wanted to tell somebody i was tired of dancing. but that’s the game. that’s the gusto. that’s the big wazzoo. we dance until the music stops. day 1 to day END.


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