today was pretty awesome

I wanna start by saying that this post is four hours overdue. But the day went long and got better. I got some unexpected news that was fucking awesome. I hung out with a fucking awesome chick. And another awesome chick texted me back a lot of happy faces and lols. So there. Haha. Today was awesome. Get on this you dirty banshees.

And it was still a bullshit as wednesday. I have to make a big decision soon and I also will need to get ready for the winter a bit earlier this year when I make this move, there may be tears and regrets. But if you ask me I am ready. I am overcome with anxiety and tense beyond what you can fathom buddy. I wear the mask periodically to hide my distance. I am so exhausted and strung out I am oblivious to my detachment from my true and determined path.

But still, my creased verterbrae has a soft bed to lay on. So in the end, it was a great day.

Rant over.



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