How to Confess Your Undying Love (send this post to your lady)

I love you. My life is empty without you. Before I met you I never lived, because I never knew love before I knew you. When I die, my love will live on, as my spirit has been infused with your touch and grace and your love has forever embraced my soul. You have etched your name in my heart. And my heart is made of gold, dipped in your love. The gold flecks flow through my bloodstream filling my entire body with joy and love. When we make love, my golden rod impales you, until my metal smelts and my excalibur is lifted from your warm stone. Hours into days into weeks into years, I think of you. When I shower I think of you. If we make love in the morning, I tie a shower cap around my dick, so that your love will not be washed away, and carry your love with me all day. Before I sleep, I pray to the gods above that you will love me more in the morning, and I beg them to take my breath in the night if I should ever lay next to you unloved. When the song is over, I press repeat at least 5 times to better harmonize the lyrics to my voice, soaked in love and lemon honey water. When I go to the beach, I bring your love and an umbrella, for one shades me from the sun, and the other ignites me like a solar storm. When my love wanes, I build it back with steroid shots of your kisses. Your kisses remind me that our love is stronger than Hercules. Your kisses are my achilles heel. Your love is my Venus. You are my moon.


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