one sentence break up

I am practicing something new this summer. Its called the one sentence break up. I am tired of being dumped and dissed so I figured I do some dumping and dissing. Its time for some me time, but that’s another story. You know there is a point at the end. Read more.

A woman only wants to get married. Always remember this. No matter what she says. I am sure of this, so sure, I’m telling you, believe it. And I doubt myself often as you know. But I don’t doubt this. So when you feel that the time has come to end a relationship, there’s only one thing you should say. There is only one thing necessary to end the relationship.

“I don’t want to marry you.”

Either you planned to be married, or you planned to be friends. And if you don’t plan to marry her, you are really just discussing what kind of friends you are. Fuck buddies? Homey, lover, friends? Emergency flings? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Not married, friend.

That’s all for now. As always, do your dirt all by your lonely and praise God.

Ryan Mega


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