How to Move with Less B.S.

Pack only what you want to unbox. If you don’t need it, don’t take it. If its not worthing boxing, don’t take it. New places mean new things. You are going to go and replace shit that you already have. Not just toiletries and food, but clothing and paperwork especially.

How to donate books

You can always take your books to Half Priced books or your local library. Dump them in the return box. They will figure out the rest.

How to recycle liquor bottles and plastics and paper

Hit Kroger for some last minute cleaning supplies. Be sure to take all of those empty liquor bottles and newspapers.

How to donate clothes

Have them picked up on the front lawn if you don’t have the time to drop them off. Or swing by one of the Goodwill dumpsters 24/7 to chunk your lightly used gifts aside.They might even take your old vacuu

Here is a tip for old magazines. Shred them and use them for safe packing material. Better than carrying some old smelly ass paper into a pristine new house. Maybe keep a few Playboys and King magazines to roll up on.

Shredding Connect

Move your mail after you have moved into the next residence. Set your mail on vacation hold, but first, set up some automatic payments and paperless billing. The easiest new habit to start at the new place is not hoarding papers, mail, and magazines.

Parting with old clothes, a barely functioning vacuum cleaner, and old fax machine so far. I have a few things on craigslist. Might donate more if they don’t sell.


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