if you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance



I am in an “Yes I Can” sort of mood lately. I am not sure if this optimism has lead to me having my best year ever, or if this year’s trials have been so few. And far between, that my outlook hasn’t had a need for change, but either way, the glass is half full.

Its not even that I don’t have doubts. I have always had doubts. What reasonable mind doesn’t? But now, I spit on my doubts and keep it moving. I am not afraid of failure. I am afraid to try.

Trial and error can hurt at times. The best way to be successful is to plan and stay focused. Aim high, but not too lofty- big goals require baby steps, not giant steps.

I guess I kept telling myself this for so long that I finally brought into the doctrine of positives. I guess I always believed in staying positive. But it was more of a good things happen to good people. Now I know good things happen to those who will good.

A wise young twitterer once spoke to me about the vibrating world. Unlike those who believe in karma, where a good begets a good and bad begets bad, the vibrating theory suggests that what ever mood you put out, the world will vibe to that mood. Its not about good and bad. Its about the world working in harmony with our soul’s desires.

I kind of bought into this philosophy. Its hard to get down or feel like the world owes you when you believe that, in life you will attract what you desire, and if you scream it loud enough, the world will conspire to give it to you.

Yes I can.
Yes I will.
And the world will help me.


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