long term goals, or how to change the future

So I have spent pretty much the last 5 years floating through life trying to figure my calling or talent or whatever. If you don’t know, I have a bachey in Psychology, but I feel its time to become a master or graduate. Trouble is, I can’t solidify my goals or wants. I have spent the majority of the last 5 years self studying, going around the states, and breaking the law. Luckily, I’ve held some pretty good gigs, that helped afford a fucked up half of a decade elsewise. So here I am on the cusp of 30 and stuck. Stop me if I have posted this blog before, but here we go.

I spent a year getting certified as a teacher just to teach half a semester and go home. My excuse was that I wanted to put in my first years in the place I knew I was staying, but that’s a lie. I worked a few promotions and a few years milking a corporate company of two. I have considered trying for med school, law school, business school, and grad school for Psychology. The truth is, the streets keep calling me 🙂

I have always been a plan A-Z kind of person. My plan A was simply to graduate. I was the first in my generation blah blah blah. But the truth is I wanted to run a label in the ATL – Nashville – Memphis area and get it popping. But I couldn’t. Family honor, responsibilities and all, I had no time to play. I was the dopest dj in the game circa 2000. Now I’m trying to get my transformer scratch back. But trust I will.
If I wanted to go to med school or something, I’d have done it by now. I been holding out on that shit for a reason. The kid still young, and my facial hair is thin. I am just saying, I’m still learning new tricks. Now I have to settle on a new plan B since this entertainment media shit is first.

And I think I figured it out. So I worked at call centers mostly. Normal day, I got 4 – 5 compliments on my voice. Customer’s alway’s talking about I’m so smooth, I should be a radio jockey (I semi-agree). All my friends tell me I am a great listener whenever they need an ear and because I am so learned and experienced, my advice is always on point. I love drugs and always wonder how they interact with different people’s personalities. So I put all of this shit in a cup and mixed it up like Clyde McPhatter and I figured out a very focused and lucrative and decent plan B.

I’m gone be the black Frazier. I need to re up on my teaching shit for plan B help, and keep milking this corporate tit a few more years to nice up a broke ass teacher’s salary, but I can see the future. This post is more just speaking it into fruition than being a pompous conceited asshole.

It is written.


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