Weekend Weariness

Man I had a long as weekend. I wish I could talk more about it, but some things are better unsaid. I just realized its December 13th. I don’t think I have eaten any good food in weeks. Still a bit hard to chew. I need a steak and a massage. Car troubles. Can’t afford to treat myself to either. Well at least not good ones.I need a new book. Guess its time to consult GoodReads and see what is good. Ain’t that punny? So the end of the world- isn’t that near? I hear some people are gonna die soon. Self Inflicted Gun Shot Wounds to the HEAD. Peace to you. Thanks to all of my friends who let me know I wasn’t so bad. Special shout to my car battery helpers and music therapists.   I am writing this watching Romeo and Juliet (90sKID) because someone put one little song in my head. I always forget Juliet was a rebound chick. I am not going to be good at work tomorrow. Here are 3 songs that have helped me cope with my disappointing weekend. I’ll be making a mixtape pretty soon and I want to get your insight.



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