10. Never – Start a fight that you don’t finish.
9. Never – Borrow money from a girl
8. Never – Join a gang
7. Never – Live on welfare
6. Never – Wear another man’s underwear
5. Never – Give someone drugs without consent
4. Never – Snitch
3. Never – Hit a woman
2. Never – Steal from his friends/fam
1. Never – Leave his infant child

10. Never start a fight you don’t finish. Its one of the more cowardice things a man can do. Little boys scream and cry and men are left to settle the difference. This is why I hate political war hawks. They rarely have stripes. If you are going to challenge someone, prepare to win and accept the possibility of defeat. If you got a fight to the death philosophy, expect death. Aim low. Keep firing. And get knocked the fuck out like DBo. But never run from the fight you start.

9. Never borrow money from a girl. This is a hard one to figure when you are in a relationship with someone. And what’s 10 on gas til next week? Wrong! Never borrow money from a girl. If your pimp hand is tight, she should be filling up your tank anyway, mmmkay?

8. Never join a gang. If your over 18 reading this, you shouldn’t have to keep going. But if you do, be sure to read the rest of these Nevers cause you really need help. Gangs are the work of the devil. The only time men should come together is to fight a common oppressor. Other than that, men should not congregate. I’d rather have a gang of bitches, yamean. I know that rap shit – “if you’re scared, get a dog, don’t got a clique, then recruit”, but if you and a bunch of scared cats get together, what that make you. Fags? Yep, a bundle of sticks.
When I was a kid, I stayed away from gangs because I didn’t understand the concept of sharing my hard earned candy with some muthafuckas because we all had the same colors on. The darkest hour in a man’s life is when he sit to plot on how to get money without earning it. Gangs are nothing but dark hours. I’ve been through enough street shit to know it.

7. Never live on welfare. It may seem like you are getting over, but really you are getting over on yourself. This rule can be extended to women. If you are an able bodied human, you can experience more life and happiness in the most modicum of working lifestyles. If you sit and wait on a check, you are chalking up all life experience. There will be no trips to Africa or Asia unless you are doing mission work. Hell, how many welfare recipients go to the library or the zoo? The only excuse for welfare is being single and overwhelmed with kids or disabled.

6. Never wear another man’s underwear. Need I say more.

5. Never give someone drugs without their consent. This is the kind of shit that will backfire on you. You think you are going to be the life of the party when you slip a roofie into the punch, but when little Edward is chucking from too much loose juice you are gonna wish you didn’t. Drugs are best when the spirit is open to them.
When I was in college, I had a friend who took 7 hits of acid. She unknowingly ate 3 because some asshole put them on a piece of gum she explained to me. I don’t know LSD so I don’t know how they would do that, but she wasn’t too bright so I believe her wholeheartedly. I know it was the extra tabs. Bad dogs.

4. Never snitch. I am not saying never means never. There are times when your name on affidavit needs to be public record. But if you had something to do with the shit, and you snitch you get death. If you had nothing to do with it and you snitch, you will be brought before a jury of your peers who are posed with the same scenario. If they wouldn’t snitch (majority decision) you die. If they want, the jury can allow you to lose a limb over death as punishment. (This will default you to bitchmadeness due to No. 7’s welfare clause)

3. Never hit a woman. I use my voice and words and I am working on refining that because it is never more clear that the verbal is what matters more to women. I guess it matters more,but then again I have never hit a woman so I wouldn’t know. I have never swung at my baby brother either. Or a baby. There are certain fights a man doesn’t need to prove himself. The battle of the sexes is one.

2. Never steal from his friends and family. A real thief can be a respected man. I still think Sean Connery was okay in Entrapment. I actually like A Thomas Crowne Affair. Let’s not talk Dead Presidents and Heat! But stealing from your fam? When they have their guard down and have you in they home? The saddest shit is, you could have probably borrowed it, because they was gonna hand it down anyway.

1. Never leave his infant son. And by infant I mean under 5. If the kid can’t logically explain to the world that he has two addresses and if he or she doesn’t know them both, then somebody should still be shacked up. I don’t care if it’s just visiting overnight for once a week. Real Gs know this. Its innate. They want to see their cumsquatter dressed up like mini-mes and acting like them. Even if the rest of the world ain’t perfect, when you have kids and you know that you finally have something that needs you no matter what, to run from that….
Kids need men in the house, like a man needs to be needed, if only to understand the dynamic of family and manhood. If there isn’t a dominant presence in the household, the likelihood of having a bitch made generation spring up to follow is hardened and heightened. We must break the cycle. Break the cycle of bitchmadeness.

(Editor’s note: I am 0/10. 🙂 Just kidding. But if you’re reading this, play a game. Write a list of 5 men you know and rate them. Be honest, but rate them yes or no for each Never, if you think they would or know that they have done it. Its amazing how this opens your eye to how many ho ass muthafucks u unknowingly associate with. Now ask your ask yourself, do birds of a feather flock together?)


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