Wait time: 6 Weeks

What’s the proper length of time to wait after a breakup before pursuing another?

Why is there is a period of cleansing that some find necessary post relationship?
I know a lot of people who don’t care about this kind of thing. They’d jump in another relationship days, maybe even hours later. And they don’t cheat. They rebound quick.

I have always thought as a good rule of thumb when getting over a relationship, you should have time to reflect and be sure that your feelings and actions are fastened.

From experience, I usually find that the longer the relationship, no matter how good or bad the breakup, the longer the cool off period necessary. I caught myself being that guy who talks about his ex on a date, when I realized you can’t supersede the natural state of things. I think its innate. It takes a certain amount of time to loose the chemical bond to the other person.

No theories. No ideas original. I just think you can keep this rule of thumb. If followed, the body and mind are guaranteed to be free of the chemical bond to your ex.

If you dated or were married for 5 years, it should be a minimum of 5 months before you start to break free from the chemical bond.
If you dated for 5 months, it would be about 5 weeks to free yourself from the chemical bond.
If you dated 5 weeks, that’s 5 days, and so on, down to the second.
If you dated 5 minutes, it would take five seconds.

If you dated for 50 years, you can wait 5 years, but you don’t have to. In fact you shouldn’t wait a moment. http://www.ourtime.com

If contact is made, no matter how infrequent, the time is reset by 1/2.

These rules apply to men. I have not asked any women to speak to this.

I can speak for all men, because I just did.


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