Brain Drain

I need to apply myself to a certain degree in order to achieve a certain goal, but I can’t focus my energy or attention to one goal. I’m having a hard time with my priorities. I hate when I am like this. I know what caused it. I don’t do well with change. I say I can, but in reality, changes stop me and force me to reassess and juxtapose my position. I am talking in generalities, because these details don’t matter.

The part that matters is that I need your help. I need to know how did you know what dreams to chase. I am lost and in need of a methodology, a paradigm to help me know….

Aw, fuck it.

There is no gameplan. You just do. You just drop out of college and build computers because you like that shit. And you end up a Bill Gates. A Michael Dell. A Steve Jobs. You devote yourself and hone your talent until your talent takes over. Like Kanye West. Jay-Z. You take all of the rejection you have ever received and you put it all in a little corner in the back of your mind. Wrap it with a ribbon. And you open that box when you need it. Like Eminem. Or 50 Cent. or Michael Jordan.

Yeah. Like Mike.

Okay. I figured it out.

Just Do It.


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