Black And Blue: Fight For Suckers

I remember how the world went crazy when the blue Blow Pops came out. I know I did. There was a life size cut out next to the Street Fighter arcade game in the corner store and the first time I saw it, I couldn’t believe it. Blue candy. I had never seen anything like it. For the 3rd graders at Oglesby Elementary, the new sucker was more hyped than the latest Apple release.

I went crazy when the blue Blow Pops came out and spent my weekly allowance of $5 on 50 pieces, then took about half to school with me the first day that they arrived.  I passed out a few to my friends right away. My 3rd grade teacher, the dreaded Ms. Thompson, threw a bitch over them and made me trash more than a few, so I punched her, but that’s another fight story. At the end of the day, I had no Blow Pops left. I was the sucker.

On that day, when the blue Blow Pops made their way to the hood, Marcus Pickney went crazy. I walked with him after school as we trekked to play basketball.  I was still upset about the candy that was now sitting in a trash heap in the cafeteria’s dumpster, when out of nowhere, in the middle of the basketball game, Marcus pulls out a blue Blow Pop and begins taunting me with it. I wouldn’t care if he had one, but I knew that he ate the one I gave him and we definitely didn’t stop by any stores, so I was very disturbed, especially when I considered how the last 3 Blow Pops mysteriously from my jacket in the schoolroom’s coat room.

He was crazy to taunt me while I was in that mood.

He smirked at my allegations of thievery. I chased him back and forth through the alley, but couldn’t catch him. Marcus was a step faster than me. It sucked during school. It sucked even more now, because I really wanted to beat his face until it matched the suckers color. When the alley became too narrow and his juke moves were less jukey, he took off running to his house. I barely cut him off at the staircase, forcing him to retreat to the empty grass lot next to his apartment building.

I picked up a broken bottle with loose shards of glass being held on by the label, still wet and covered in beer. I warned Marcus to give me the sucker or else.  He stood 20 feet away laughing and drooling blue spit from him lips. In a rage, I hurled the bottle at him.  I intended to miss, but my brain didn’t send the message to my arm, and when I released the bottle, I watched it float across the air before hitting Marcus square on the eyelid.  He let out a blood yell as he felt the blood trickling down his face.  I knew my mistake might cost me and sure enough Marcus slammed the Blow Pop to the ground and then gave chase.

I ran so fast that I didn’t know where I was running. I didn’t have time to think about it before I realized I was running home. I cut through alleys and jumped gates in yards as Marcus pursued a few steps behind. With each clumsy move or misstep, he gained ground until he pounced on me in some random front yard on Emerald Street. Blood drops from his eye splattered on my forehead and scalp as he attempted to pin me to the ground. Marcus was bigger but not stronger, so I was able to push him off and get back to my feet pretty quickly.  I leaped over another chain fence just as he flung another empty bottle at me.  Luckily for me, it hit the back of my leg and barely made a noise.

I ran so fast in my rush home that I was nearly hit by a car as I crossed Halsted Street. The sound of the car horn got my attention just in time. Ironically, the driver of the car was my next door neighbor.  The girl I had a crush on, Bianca, sat in the backseat looking puzzled at me, while her mom leaned across the kid in the passenger seat to yell and let me know that my dad would be the first to know.

I wasn’t supposed to cross Halsted Street when my dad was at work. I was supposed to stay inside the house actually. I knew I would get into big trouble. To make matters worse, I knew that Marcus brother Greg, and his goons, would be coming for me at school the next day.  No Blow Pop was worth that wrath.

I don’t think I have as much as licked a blue Blow Pop since that day.


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