How Close is 30

I am still a few months and some short of the big 30. But ever since I turned 29, I can’t keep it out of my mind. I can’t help but think I need to buy a house / condo, find a wife, buy a watch, and polish my square toes. I have never really cared about getting one year older, so I am really trying to figure this out. I do not give a fuck about age and acting a certain age. Never have. I do not care about biological clocks and how old is too old to start a family. Never have. Really wondering how where this shit is coming from.

I read a lot of GQ and Men’s Health in high school. I know most 401(k)s really need  to be started by 30. I know Jesus died at 33. Are these the reasons I am putting pressure on myself subconsciously? I caught myself making plans for my 30th Bday party. WTF? I don’t want shit that I keep thinking about. Well, maybe a condo. I really want to paint the walls in my apartment lavender and black.



(after posting I found this on one of my favorite internet boards. sure to be worth the click


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