thoughts from a couch in the womens shoe department at nordstroms in northpark

Drake songs suck the life out of me. Like vitamin deficiency. H&M was too gay and hippy for me (they had striped hoodies, but no plaids / argyles- this year its plaid, not stripes!). Foot Locker has every Adidas but stan smith in stock. And this after Nadal and Djorvich just finished the greatest season in tennis. My girlfriend is trying on Tom’s. Nordstrom’s sells Tom’s? Is this a good or bad thing. I wouldn’t know. I don’t wear Tom’s. I don’t have time for cotton shoes (or rubber -fuck Crocs). I do want to get my Ipod fixed. Maybe I can find the Apple store next. These white girls in here got nice legs and / or asses, but they got cankles too. Do all white girls with fat ass have cankles? Somebody call or tweet amber rose for inquiry and get back to me.


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