power trip

I want to piss on Reagans grave.
I want to send a letter to all my enemies in jail.
I want to wipe my dick on your newborns bibs when I pull out of your wife.
I want to roll the dice and crap out but walk away with the pot.
I want to cut off a wack deejays fingertips.
I want to burn the american flag and spread the ashes across the great lakes.
I want to fight a dinosaur and take a timeout halfway thru.
I want to speak loudly and carry a big stick.
I want peace in the middle east.
I want to be able to forecast crime so I know where not to be.
I want to kill a cop with my barehands, or a corkscrew.
I want to dance with the devil beneath the the pale moonlight.
I want to fuck Captain America in the ass with a splintered broomstick.
I want to Find Nemo.
I want to buy the OWN station.
I want to buy a $300,000 house for $16.
Then I want to get my dick sucked.
The end.


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