funny girls

Funny girls are not a dime a dozen. There’s a reason tina fey has been running shit for so long at NBC. There is no competition. I hate to sound sexist when I’m being remotely honest, but its a stereotype that I swallow hard, like black men and jumping. I used to watch def comedy jam and comic view. I liked adele givens every so often and I was cool with sommore’s delivery but otha than that, no women were funny. Thea was hardcore when she came out, then got that show and fell off. Like the black Rosanne. When the Queens of Comedy came around, I was down for the cause. It was cool for one sitting, but really it felt like watching Tyler Perry’s shit. What the fuck is a Janean Garafelo? Ellen is somewhat funny. I like her wit. Brilliant? Naw. Not edgy enough. I am not saying that guys are all funny either. Dane Cook anybody. Okay maybe he was funny for like 10 seconds. I will go out on a limb and make a sexist statement: women are not funny because their jokes do not come from a dark place. Women cry, men laugh.

If you know a funny girl, please contact me. I need to know they still exist.

Ryan Mega



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