my black chick list

So we (the guys) did a top 26 white girls list. Its loved and hated. Mostly hated because the readers wanted some chocolate. Wait no more. Here I am with my own top 25 list. I place a challenge. If you can create a list better than this, I’ll buy you a gift card to your favorite restaurant. Real talk. Word is bond. True.

A: Ananda Lewis
B: Beyonce
C: Chanel Iman
D: Dorothy Dandridge
E: Ester Baxter
F: Faith Evans
G: Gabrielle Union
H: Halle Berry
I: Iman
J: Jane Kennedy
K: Kerri Washington
L: Lauren London
M: Mya
N: Nicole Narain
O: Oleta Adams
P: Pam Grier
Q: Queen of Sheba
R: Rashida Jones
S: Selita Ebanks
T: Tyra Banks
U: Ursula Stephen
V: Veronica Webb
W: Wilma Rudolph
X: Xanu Cooper
Y: Yvette Nsiah
Z: Zoe Kravitz


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