Sensitive me

Lately I have been drinking more beer and listening to more sad songs. Maybe not so sad as melancholy (search for Isolated Mountain mixtape). Its funny because I don’t think I been as consistently happy or pleased with myself as I have lately. I haven’t been in this sort of swallow since I was a sophomore at NSU. But its something about this new mood that keeps me listening to sad or melancholy music. For lack of a better word, I think I went emo. It started when I the night that inspired my recent post the suffering heart of the world. Since then I’ve been a little sugary in my soul. Not outwardly at all. I was mean mugging tons lately. But inside, I’ve only connected to that blue numbness we all try to avoid so often because its too bland, too dramatic, or too close to death. I like it here, beneath this quilt made from moments of nirvana.


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