ADd+ – When Pigs Fly (review by Ryan Mega)

The long awaited When Pigs Fly is a few weeks fresh now so I thought it was time to put a few verbs and adjectives to it.  By now you’ve heard the duo or seen them around town at a show here or there so its pretty obvious that I beg a late pass. The duo is releasing the album for free via its bandcamp and for profit at Itunes.  The cd is worth a play or two.  I can’t really say if I love it or not yet. It might have to grow on me still.

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Track 1 The Rapper and the Poet – somebody should’ve killed the bitch singing at the end for a spoken word like bridge ala Big Rube. Might’ve made this song a classic intro.
Track 2 Brain Sex – Mic Workouts on Track 2? Risky. They don’t disappoint. But the beat – I hate that climbing synth. So trite. Too Dungeon Family to be flattering.
Track 3 LikeAMug (feat Sore Losers) – I think theres a video for this song. Should’ve got Damaged Good$ on the remix and made it a bit more special with duos.
Track 4 Greedy (feat Mz Fortune) – We can all use more of that Philly sound. This shit probably go hard live. Jazzy.
Track 5 The Everyday – Tribe would be proud. This might be the stand out track on second listen. Laid back for the ride.  Definitely making the cut for the next mixtape.
Track 6 Mary Go (feat Picnic Tyme) – Out of place song. Not sure what to make of it. I guess its for the ladies.
Track 7 Picnic Interlude – Hard to swallow. Confused.
Track 8 Erica and Jamie – Starting to realize why I am on the fence. Three bad songs in a row. Can I have my ten minutes back?
Track 9 Slow Tempo – 12:18 seconds now? Maybe if the raps were at the front the song wouldn’t be so wrong to me. Or maybe if the singing was cut altogether.
Track 10 Under (feat Dustin Cavazos) – You had me at piano. Dustin sets this joint right with that abstract white boy rap shit he be on and the singing is simple and accurate, with the female vocals coming into play at the right times. If this was track 6 we might be talking classic.
Track 11 I’m So Dallas (DJ Sober Mix) – Kind of dope ode to Dallas. Best props to Sober for missing damn near nobody.  Of course I ain’t from around here, so I got no idea if he left out Tum Tum or Pookie and that other nigga.
Track 12 Goodwill – A great B side to The Everyday. These two should be all over their press kits if they smart. Next video even. But fuck that singing shit man. I’ll let it slide since they so persistent with it.  We get it. Ya’ll sing.
Traclk 13 Satellites – Back to the bitches. Bad arrangment is killing this cd. Guess that don’t matter no more.
Track 14 Smell My Cologne – ___________ (fill in the blanks)
Track 15 Southbound – Dallas. The South. Just when you thought they wouldn’t do it. Representing that highway with the potholes and fucked up ass Mexicans driving, ADd+ bitch! Nawf Dallas stand up!

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So there you have it dude.
–Ryan Mega



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