the suffering heart of the world

I lay in bed yesterday night, recounting the events of the day passed, smiling in my soul at moments whose importance would fade with the fog of morning and the new day. The joy of my blessed life filled me with an energy that can only be described as heavenly. But as my body and mind pulsated with the happiness of my memories, my heart was heavy with sorrow. A feeling of shame arose from within spreading over my feelings of joy. My body convulsed as the selfishness of my own blessed life became the focus of my thoughts. How could I sleep with a smile on my face knowing the tragedies of the world do not end because I close my eyes? Tears welled up in my eyes as I tried to calm my heaving and gain control of my thoughts. I needed a way to justify my shame. But there was none. The truth is and will be the truth. The world is suffering, eyes closed or not.


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