321 Day – Its officially here

I am going to let you in on a secret. I use cocaine. Daily. I’m a big blow fiend.

I’m just kidding bout the coke. Know it but not in the internal sense. I do however drink and smoke entirely too much. I smoke cigarettes and black and milds and though I’ve switched to bongs, weed smoke is weed smoke. The forties are sitting on my belly and the Jack Daniels is giving me a bad punch when shitting. This years recoup is going to be harder than ever. For the last decade or so I’ve turned up my physical activity in the early spring. It started when I went to Cancun for the second year in a row and felt the need to train some abbage before my Memorial Day vacate. Its become so routine that I’ve given it a whole month in the calender. From March 22nd to April 20th, I turn on the exercise and health game full blast (I actually do it twice a year, but the session from Halloween to Black Friday gets a break during). I am worried about the physical, but I think my other faculties are in full working order. I’m not sure if I’m excelling. I plan to test my physical and mental capacities this year for record. I need to master some yoga poses. I might waste a few dollars on a mat if the dollars right. But it don’t stop there. Its about time I measure any improvements in brain function. The big prize in this all will be the huge amount of studying I should accomplish. By the time I light my celebratory blunt at the finish line on 420, I’ll be 100% GRE Proof!

(If only the GRE mattered. Glad yoga does)


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