Daily Run 2-23-11

Best thing ever:
I read Robert Beck’s autobiography Iceberg Slim in less than half a day. I haven’t read any Iceberg or Goines in my adult years. Its uncanny how good their shit is.

What I learned:
I can’t stop drinking coffee. I think its starting to give me cavities. Gotta use a sugar substitue maybe.

Do Over:
I wouldn’t have sat in front of my PC for 3 hours doing nothing.

Song of the Day:
4 O’clock in The Morning. The Hassles. Deal with it.

Random Thought:
If I don’t know, why do I care?

Ryan Mega


One thought on “Daily Run 2-23-11

  1. I like your random thought, but I can’t a apply it to certain things. Like…Cancer, infidelity, what’s in my food, etc.”

    I DO apply it to anything past math though. Smh.

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