Daily run 2-21-11

Best thing ever:
I learned that I may become a father soon. Scary feelings in my body and mind, but I think I got it.

What I learned:
I can’t help you if you can’t help yourself. My brother needs a muthafucking iD to get on the train or bus here, but aint got one. So now I’m thinking about sending him one so he can make it but I’m like damn, will he grow up.

Do Over:
I should’ve finished my laundry. Or at least started. Looks like I’ll be wearing dirty draws this week.

Song of the Day:
I Get High- Mos Def and Talib. I’ve been giving it up to BlackStar a lot lately. Guess its just where my head is right now mentally. Dope, laid back place.

Random Thought:
What should I do to prepare for fatherhood?

Ryan Mega


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