Daily Run 2-19-11

Best thing ever:
I got some sleep in. I was out by 10 I think. And I slept til at least 6 am. That’s not a lot for some but for me its magic. I found the time because I left work early. Scored a perfect on an examination and even got a few hours extra pay.

What I learned:
If you want to beat rush hour traffic, you better ride in the HOV lane. I shaved an hour and a half on my travel to and fro. I am thinking about investing in one of those dummies for the passenger seat. Will keep you updated.

Do Over:
I would have tried to hit my friends surprise birthday dinner. It was a late minute thing and as I said earlier, I was too many hours in the hole on sleep. Will have to catch up with him soon.

Song of the Day:
Bob Marley- Waiting in Vain. Bob Marley is perfect for traffic. If you’re a road rager, I suggest you go to Itunes and get some kingston jam asap.

Random Thought:
Isn’t email the worst invention ever?

Ryan Mega


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