Daily Run 2-16-11

Best thing ever:
The best thing ever about yesterday was the fact that I landed a temp gig finally. We’ll let’s not say finally since I just started looking for it. My previous temp agency hadn’t sent me to a gig in months. Then outta nowhere they called for a one day assignment. I accepted, half knowing I wouldn’t be going. Fuck em. I got a new pimp now.

What I learned:
I need a whole 40 and I can write a hit song. I always thought weed was my creative energy source, but it turns out, it just makes me lazy. My poems and raps on weed are nothing compared to my drunk rants.

Do Over:
I watched the Color of Money starring Tom Cruise because I heard it was a good movie. I saw bits and pieces of what looked like a good plot. But I was half sleep so I missed the best nuggets. I am not a big Tom Cruise fan, but I’ll try my best to catch this one again, when I’m in my right viewing mind.

Song of the Day:
Vado – Usually Do. I think I might have even used this song before. But when you stunting in your best threads, this is the theme song you want playing.

Random Thought:
What’s the best way to cook chili? I’m tired of using ground beef. Going to try something new tonight maybe.

Ryan Mega


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