Daily Run 2-15-11

Best thing ever:
The best thing about the day that passed was the way I looked on a job interview. I hate dressing up because I’m so punk rock, counter culture and all, but when I do, damn, I do it well.

What I learned:
if you reach out and ask a friend for help, they’ll be there. I am great with helping people, but have a hard time asking for help myself. Its good to have good people on your team.

Do Over:
Yesterdays do over- I wouldn’t have told one of my staffing agencies I’d take an assignment. They haven’t hollered in 3 months and when they do, its some bullshit one day assignment. I think subconsciously, I cancelled to screw them over on purpose. Fuck em.

Song of the Day:
Shirt Off by Gucci Mane and friends. Song is old as shit, but I was crusing with some teenagers and needed something they could relate to. Before you know it, I’m damn near crashing from trying to take my shirt off while driving. Gotta be more careful. Gotta bump more soul music.

Random Thought:
Did the cost of pussy go up or down on Valentines Day?

Ryan Mega


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