Daily Run 2-12-11

Best thing ever:
I woke up to a text from T-Mobile telling me my phone bill was paid for. A chill went through my spine as I wondered how I made the mistake of paying from an empty account. Then I saw my brother submitted the payment. That’s an extra 200 I need this week. Doing some interviews and daddy needs new shoes. Damn my brother is cool. Didn’t even have to ask.

What I learned:
I find it very hard to write when I think about the act of writing. If I let it flow from my mind to my pen like I do on this blog, I am productive as heck. The moment I try to plan something out or outline my thoughts, I go blank. I’m not sure how this will give me insight to break through this block, but its good to know my writing style.

Do Over:
I would’ve bought two cigarillos and no cigarettes. I gotta stop buying loosies.

Song of the Day:
Sade Smooth Operator. Nuff said.

Random Thought:
Am I a loser because I want more twitter followers?

Ryan Mega


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