Daily Run 2-12-11

Best thing ever:
The best thing going right now is the NBC show Parks and Recreation. We wish government offices. Were that fun. Its rare that I watch a series. Usually writers do go for an episode or two (Two and Half Men, The Game) or its all hype (Dexter, Sopranos, The Wire). Rarely do I get more than I expect. I guess I’m pleasantly surprised that through 3 seasons, I still like the show. That makes 3 things on t.v. I will stop and watch when I can.

What I learned:
I am not a good boy. I learned that my criminal record hasn’t been expunged yet. It should be. Sent an email to some lawyers to clear it up. Hopefully it doesn’t cost an arm and leg. I wonder if this has held me back from being employed at all. We’ll see said the blind man.

Do Over:
I would probably skip the job interview I did. I spent two hours applying for entry level customer service and was very open and lively in my interview obly to have the recruiter tell me my chances of being hired were slim. I’m too good for entry level he said. It wouldn’t be a good fit.
I’ve been hearing that a lot. Many people don’t think I’ll stay if hired. I will for a year at least. It sucks to be an expert with a degree right about now.

Song of the Day:
Brown Skinned Lady by Mos Def and Talib Kweli are BlackStar. I was bumping this classic album to and fro the interview, but only really listening to this joint and Respiration. And this song beats hard street rhymes anyday.

Random Thought:
Is there a black equivalent to Chuck Norris? You know a guy that can probably do anything he wants because his mojo is so tight. If I had to make an argument, I’d say Billie Dee Williams sort of represents that ethos.

Ryan Mega


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