Daily Run 2-11-11

Best thing ever:
The solitude didn’t kill me. I hate it after the fact, but I stayed inside pretty much most of yesterday. I hate it because I end up doing much of nothing. But I guess that’s what most people do. Go to work and come home. Guess I’m getting old.

What I learned:
I finally realized I’m a little bored with Call of Duty. I thought about it and I might just be bored with Xbox. If it weren’t for Netflix, I probabaly would sell it. More time to do other stuff. Finally seeing how a few unproductive hours here and there can add up to a big waste of time.

Do Over:
I would have gotten up to go the Macallan drinking event last night. I was busy doing job apps and I wanted to wind down without a drink so I passed. Well the real do-over is telling my cousin. I didn’t reply to his message because I didn’t get it til I woke up and by then the event was over. I thought it was next week. I am pissed I missed it.

Song of the Day:
I made a song called Stylin. Its somewhere on the internet site here or elsewhere. Search S.A.I. feat Ryan Mega- Stylin. Its been playing in the background of a few scenes in my life so I figured I’d serve that up.

Random Thought:
Are movie set in Chicago better than movies set in New York? It seems that way to me.

Ryan Mega


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