Daily Run 2-10-11

Best thing ever:
The best thing ever about yesterday was the homemade chili that I made. After sleeping most of the day and evening, I woke up starving, wondering if I’d be eating cereal because I’m too lazy to cook. But cereal wouldn’t do it and I definitely wasn’t going to order food that late. So I put some beef in a pan and did my thing to it. I wasn’t sure if it was spaghetti, tacos, or chili, but after looking thru my cabinets and only seeing beans and diced tomatoes, it was an easy choice.

What I learned:
Don’t fool yourself. I’ve been wearing a mask and holding my tongue, and so forgiving, when dealing with a certain friend. She is sweet and cool and I see her as a potential girlfriend. But yesterday she made me pull the mask off. It was just one of those moments that girls do that get to you. It was much needed. Gone are the visions of grandeur that she is the one. Now I know. She’s just another girl.

Do Over:
I would have gotten out the house yesterday. This UPS package isn’t moving itself.

Song of the Day:
Master P- I Think The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me. I youtubed it. Thanks youtube.

Random Thought:
If girls check their boobs for lumps and guys check their testes for bumps, whose responsible for our taste buds and what are they looking for? How long do taste buds last anyway?

Ryan Mega


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