Daily Run 2-9-11

Best thing ever:
The best thing about yesterday was the stern words of wisdom I received via text. There are some people who you listen to, like EF Hutton, and some you listen to like Charlie Brown’s mom. I rarely listen to anybody’s advice because I’m so cavalier and stubborn, I’d rather fail on my own. But sometimes the right person delivers the right message at the right time and it motivates me. Once in Nashville, I was hanging with a rapper called La the Darkman, whose deconstructive criticism seemed to do the trick, motivating me to upheave my slacker lifestyle and move to Dallas to chase big dreams. I wish all of my friends were that sincere and direct. Yesterday’s advice was just as solid and necessary. Maybe I would heed their advice more often.

What I learned:
I’m studying for my GRE test and yesterday was all about data analysis. Its funny that I could plug all the stats into SPSS to make my charts for my senior thesis, but had no idea how they were really calculating the data. I learned these things so long ago, its not a shame that I forgot. It did feel good to anchor these formulas and equations to my brain once again. Hopefully this time, I use it so I don’t lose it.

Do Over:
I would not order Pizza hut. Two days in a row, two overpriced lunches. The sad thing is I went and got all the ingredients to make another homemade pizza, but I’m too lazy to knead the dough. Maybe tonight right?

Song of the Day:
Lil Waynes 6 foot 7 foot. I am like a closet Wayne fan at best, and a Wayne hater at worse. Yesterday’s song was on a mixtape I downloaded from thisis50.com. The whole tape was dope, but I found myself listening to his verse 3 or four times.

Random Thought:
I watched Law and Order SVU yesterday so I was focused on the obscene. That said- if you (as a man) gets raped, would you tell somebody if it meant guaranteed justice?

Ryan Mega


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